Past Club Themes

21/02/13 Guest night - Michele O'Brien
21/03/13 Saints and Devils
18/04/13 Money Matters or Totally Free
16/05/13 Across the Seas and Over the Hills
20/06/13 Tap & Grog; Sherazade & Sinbad
18/07/13 Fruity Tales and Two Veg
15/08/13 Lucky dip.
19/09/13 Guests - Michael Dacre - Raven Tales
17/10/13 Ghosts and Ghouls
21/11/13 Almost Anything Goes!
19/12/13 Christmas Crackers


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  2. 2016 themes:

    July 14th Here and now!

    August 18th Holiday Tales

    September 15th The Devil in the Detail

    October 20th Dead and Undead

    November 17th Epic Night - Tales of Loki an the Norse Gods

    December 15th Seasonal Tales

  3. NB, please note that details of stories told at past club nights, can be accessed on our Facebook page: Heads and Tales Story Club.

  4. 2017 Spring - Summer programme:

    Jan - Pic n' Mix
    Feb - Mike Rogers - Baba Jaga, Vassilisa and other Russian Tales
    March - Tim Laycock - Acclaimed folk musician and storyteller
    April - Jason Buck - Something in the Water
    May - Cath Edwards - Pirates
    June - Madeleine Grantham - The Man who Planted Trees & other woody tales.

  5. 2017 Autumn - Winter programme

    July - Paul Butler - The Keys of Destiny

    August - The Travelling Talesman

    September 19th - Janet Goring - The Bluebird Storyteller

    October 21st - Spooky, devilish and murderous tales from local tellers.

    November 16th -The Labours of Hercules - relay storytelling from local performers.

    December 21st -Sarah Rundle with her acclaimed version of Gawain and the Green Knight.
    January 18th Katie Cawkwell tells Tristran and Isolde