Friday, February 18, 2011

Elm Tree Barn, Great Venue!

I met a couple of youthful and enthusiastic story listeners at the Elm Tree. They had been trailing the “Bards" in this area for a good few years. "What a perfect space for stories this barn is," they said. Yep! And, though pretty full last Wednesday, there's still even more room for more folks to come and enjoy the tales. Next month, lads, will be packed with high adventure and "Man against the Elements type stuff". Buy a pint at the bar and come in hear a rollicking old yarn.
There's always lots of laughs at a story-night too.
Last Wednesday.....well! definitely leave your children at home for Elm Tree nights......adults have stories to share with each other that children oughtn’t to know or be worrying their little heads about, especially when it comes to love and lust!!.......................
Treat a friend next month..share an evening with a difference.

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