Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Club Night

Club Night

Graham gave a classic tale his own inimitable treatment and as a result had us laughing at the antics of: a mean farmer, a traveling musician, a frisky cow and a good pair of boots. I shall never hear the sound of baked beans leaving the tin without remembering that foot and the boots!

Mads told a tale of the frozen North with foxy tips on how to hijack a sleigh full of fish.

Suzanne told an Au stralian tale that was new to me, about how water rat first discovered fire when his teeth struck stone as he was reluctantly doing home improvements for the wife (he was burrowing).

Mike was on top form and told a tale of feuding families from Iceland. - Two key memories: the attack and beheading of the snowman and the murder with an icicle (I am sure Agatha Christie picked up on that one!) 

Maria showed us her shepherds crook of Prius wood from the Med. She then told us a charming tale of a shepherd and his thawing under the love of a good woman.

Pete laboured bravely, and to great effect against a tide of raucous audience commentary. Any tale that contains all those juicy Nordic words gets my vote: Ginnungagap, Muspellheim and Audumla being just three. 

Taprisha rounded the evening off with a tale of the Norse Gods and the theft of the apples of youth. This was a delightful rendition, with beautiful matching of word and gesture.

 Madeleine Grantham

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