Friday, June 22, 2012

Tonight's Heads & Tales at Boston Tea Party

Madeleine says:
"It was another great evening at The Boston Tea Party tonight:

Jill told the curios and charming story (Calvino) of Fiordinando. (An Italian take on Eros and Psyche/White Bear King). A bookish Prince who is tempted on a quest by a hare and veiled woman.

Suzanne told of the retired soldier and the Tsar with a cunning plan - to send 30 'geese' as a reward for witty answers.

Taprisha shared a story of another cunning king - an eco king looking for an heir by handing out seeds.

Gill played cello and Pete told us the story and sang a song about Thomas Payne an arch republican.

Mike did a version of the Emporer and abbot story, set in the New Forest with King John as the royal.

Madeleine did Prince Lindworm featuring infertile monarchs and fancy dress royal weddings.

Graham once again dazzled us with his imagination ...or was it truth? With an excellent account of our queen as fairy godmother to a Betty whose mum was killed in the blitz."

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