Saturday, March 23, 2013

We had a good turn out this week, about 30 people. The theme was saints and devils. 

A new teller for the club this week was Raphael, who told a brilliant and witty tale of Fred in search of his own Luck; Madeleine Grantham, Pete Gritton, Mike Rogers, Taprisha, Gill Barr all told lovely tales. 

I took the opportunity to try out a new style... avoiding trying to be funny. This week I tried to recreate the excitement of the White Whale hunt and the sinking of the Pequod from Moby Dick. I wanted to tell it in the voices of Ahab & then Ishmael - my target was to do it without a joke. I do suffer from from the inability to avoid trying to be funny. Almost managed it! 

Suzanne Houston did a magnificent job hosting this week's club and somehow managed to demonstrate her scream to end all screams - I must remember not get on her wrong side!

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