Monday, December 16, 2013

Mel:         So, who will be going home, and what will Graham be giving us, this Thursday?

It's the...

Heads and Tales Cafe 
Christmas Cracker 
Great British Mouth Off, Technical challenge?

Graham:   Well, I thought I'd go for one of my mum's favourites; an Ovid Tragedy.

Paul:         I hope you're not dishing up your usual, Graham! What ingredients will you use?
Graham:   I have got some White Cranberries, as it's Christmas...
Mary:       White Cranberries?
Paul:        How will you bring out the tragic quality of this storytelling dish, with white Cranberries?
Graham:   Well, I'm setting it in the Wild West.
Mary:       Ovid... in the Wild West? Cowboys and Indians? Style over...
Mary:      In what way is this a tragedy?
Sue:         Graham will be telling it!
Graham:   Ah but I'm going to be using lashings of bathos with just hint of pathos!
Mel, Sue, Paul & Mary:        Style over Content!

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