Sunday, December 15, 2013

Southampton Storytelling Club notice for January

Dear storytellers,

Here is an early reminder for our January meeting, and particularly to make sure you know we are NOT meeting on the first Thursday, because it's Jan 2nd and no-one is likely to feel like going out for the evening. Instead we will meet on THURSDAY 9TH JANUARY, at the Art House at 8pm
We are aiming for this to be a more performance-based meeting, with decorations, themed food and the title FIRE & ICE. (Nothing to do with Game of Thrones, I only discovered they use the phrase "Lands of Ice and Fire" a couple of weeks ago).
This leaves the door open for lots of vikings, frozen forests, fires of hell etc etc and the publicity blurb refers to "the legends that made us who we are today."
As for our autumn event, it would be really helpful to know who can attend and what story you have in mind. In the meantime, a very Happy Christmas to you all  in whatever way you choose to celebrate it.

Paul B

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