Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Graham set us off with Beowulf's Last Stand against the firedrake, Gill's cello creating emotional atmosphere. Jill told us the tale of cross-dressing Vasilissa Vasilievna, the priest's daughter, pursued in vain by King Barchat [Vasilissa shows, to my mind, her essentially male cast of mind, by being in and out of the bathroom before the King's got his clothes off]. Marie Little told us a tale from the India of Independence, in which European arrogance in cutting down a tree against the advice and pleading of the native inhabitants produced dire results for those involved. Glenys told us La morte del corvo, in which, in a North Italian town, a crow falls dying from the air, leaving her to comfort its last moments, dispose of the body ecologically, and wait with trepidation for the accomplishment of whatever the event signified. Pete, accompanied by Gill, and with himself on thunder-box [no, not that kind of thunder-box], related how Thor Got His Hammer Back [more cross-dressing]. Laura told us The Genie of the Coke-CanTM – there are three wishes as usual, but if I say any more I'll spoil it. Mike told Rabbi Zachariah and Death By Fire, from Howard Schwarz's Lilith's Cave, and Taprisha concluded the tales of the evening with The Children of Wax and the Bird of Paradise. After which, Anne sang Dancing at Whitsun, as she had at the Druid Ceremony in commemoration of the dead of the First World War held at the National Arboretum.

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