Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Taprisha set us off with a "good news" story; after telling us the horrendous trials and tribulations of the Nez Perce tribe [betrayed by the US Government, their land given away to gold prospectors, forced to relocate, and those who refused hunted for a thousand miles through the mountains, desperately attempting to reach Sitting Bull in Canada, until Chief Joseph is forced to surrender], she was able to tell us about reconciliation between the grandchildren of former antagonists, as the whites retraced the Nez Perce's epic journey, celebrating their achievement.

Marie took us to the North with Sealskin, Soulskin; Lesley Dowding from New Zealand told us about the taniwha who drove away the strangers that were netting all the fish in the river; Victoria told us the tale of King Brahmadatta and the Blossom Tree [find a version here];Jill Barr told the story of the Lambton Worm; Graham recaptured his 48-year-old self, scared of scorpions in a cave in the Yemen; Lesley Dowding told her own story, to explain to New Zealanders why people might want to emigrate: Jack in the City and his Mother in the Country; Mike told What are you most scared of? aka The Little Old Lady and theTroll; and Maddie Grantham told the tale of Ivan the Ninny, aka Salt, from Old Peter's Russian Tales, to be found here], with a picture here

And still, we had to leave three tellers with their tales untold - let's hope they can find their way back to Cranborne or Ringwood another time...

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