Friday, October 17, 2014

Ringwood, October 16th: SHARON JACKSTIES and others

The others were: Raphael, who told Wideawake and his Brothers from Iceland; Pete, who told The Naming of Crazy Horse with Gill's cello setting the scene; Jill, the MC, who told the story of Bellerophon, Mike, who told The Bat and the Origin of Darkness, and Graham, who made us wonder how Odysseus's crew ever got the wax out of their ears after being protected from the Song of the Sirens.

Then Sharon took over, and brought us tales from Somerset: the eel that was a regular at Eli's in Huish Episcopi; the Midwife to the Fairies, cross-cut with the Midwife to the Villain [a true story]; the Fisherman of Berrow Sands; and finally, The Young Master and the King of the Moles [all set within sight of Burrow Mump, where the King lives].

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