Monday, February 2, 2015


What will the tellers give us on February 19th? How well will their stories fit the theme?

This picture by Michael Mathias Prechtl seems to sum it all up - with some hints from Aesop!

Jill is headlining - more news as we receive it!

And if you're a budding storyteller yourself, don't miss Southampton Story Club's Workshop for Beginners, this Thursday, February 5th, 8-10pm at The Art House Café, 178 Above Bar, SOUTHAMPTON - admission FREE - as a celebration of National Storytelling Week.

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  1. Raphael told an exceptional tale of incestous love which I thought was going to lead to a very nasty conclusion but instead ended in a manner I just wasn't expecting which took my breath away. ( and no, it wasn't condoning incest.) This was storytelling at its best. Jill