Friday, March 18, 2016


It being Saint Patrick's Day, the theme chose itself, sure it did. But we didn't have any of that stuff. We had Raphael, telling us about fairy thornbushes and the paths that fairies take, which need to be left open, so that if you build a house across one, then there must be a door on one side lined up with the door on the other side for rapid and easy transit. He backed up his story with evidence from the Newmarket-on-Fergus and Ennis bypass, which you can read about here and see here.
Maddie told us how Paddy-McGee-the-Boy-With-No-Story acquired a story - and a scary story it was, to be sure! [You can read it here.] And Mike told us about The Irishman Who Saved Barcelona, by holding the club together and taking it on a lucrative tour to Mexico and the US during the Spanish Civil War. The sources were here and here and here and an Irish documentary with a soundtrack in Irish, English, Spanish and Catalan [there are English subtitles, for the less linguistically gifted].

In the second half, Jason told us more about The Smith who appeared in one of his earlier stories, and how he stopped the mortals from breaking through the last gate into Fairyland. Finally, Maddie told us a charming Irish version of the Bremen City Musicians.

Next time our theme will be Shakespeare!

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