Sunday, September 18, 2016


Eight of us were there, and four told. Raph reprised Hank Nicholson and the Temple of Sin from Sarum Story Club on Tuesday - look it up on facebook if you want to see the Chinese characters for Wrath and Mirth, the two stone temple dogs which play such a decisive role in the story. Then Maddie told Jack and the Devil, which she had from Daniel Morden at Beyond the Border, and which explains the presence of all the little creatures, fairies and pixies and piskies and so forth, and extols the virtues of reading aloud [though, as we all know, proper storytelling is better]. After the interval, Michelle told her second story ever, which was as clear and concise and powerful a version of The Man who Went Looking for His Luck as I have ever heard [certainly better than this one]. Now we look forward to her third story! Finally, Mike updated and modified the Grimm story, Bearskin, whose original version you can read here.

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  1. FYI I did not get the Devil's Purse story from Daniel Morden or Dominic Kelly. I was telling it long before either of them toured with it. I heard it from the marvellous June Peters from London, back in about 2000.