Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Seven tellers – it would have been eight, but one had to cry off at the last minute – told the story – or stories of Loki, the Mischief-Maker [and sometimes a Maker of Worse Than Mischief].

Paul started us off, and put everything in context, with bright and shiny new Asgard needing protection from the Giants of Ice and Snow and Frost... and when an itinerant mason, with a talented horse, offers to build a wall... though the price is a bit steep...

After that, Mike stepped in for absent Alan, and told, out of strict order [we'll change it next time] Thor's Journey to Utgard – with Loki...

Then Raphael told us how Idun was kidnapped [the Giants were after her apples]. Loki was, I'm afraid, to blame – but he also sorted it out... and even made Skadi laugh [we'll not go into how, not on a family page] after her father had been killed, and she'd married the wrong man...

After that Mike conducted the Assembled Storytellers in a corporate account of The Loss of Sif's Hair [Loki? Yep!] and The Competition of the Dwarves at Smithing [from which Mjöllnir, Thor's Hammer, emerges, despite Loki's insectile intervention – and we also find out how Loki got his crooked smile...]

Mishca told us all about Loki's Children [a nasty lot!]

Jason gave us a hilarious account of Thor's Drag Act [Loki's fault? Well... probably. It was certainly Loki's idea...] which he had to do to get his hammer back. A God doesn't feel like a God without his Hammer.

Darren's dark version of The Death of Baldr was all the more powerful for coming after Jason's hilarity.

Maddie did full justice to the verbal violence which Loki unleashed on “his friends, the Gods” in his Flyting – the kind of party you don't want to be invited to!

Then Mike wrapped up Loki's career – how he hid in a waterfall and was trapped by his own invention, the net, and then secured and punished until the end of the world.

After which, as Paul reminded us, there was [for Baldr, at least, as Odin muttered into his dead ear] the chance of Rebirth...


  1. It was a great night, Thrilling. I loved all the preparation and having a strong story to get my teeth into.
    Next year we are thinking of tales of Hercules.

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