Thursday, February 23, 2017


Russian Tales spiked with Stalin [the narrative equivalent of vodka with chillies, which Stalin used to serve at the parties he held in his dacha in Kuntsevo] included the following: The Golden Mountain, Master Misery, The Hare, the Bear, the Peasant and the Fox, The Snow-Maiden, and Beautiful Vasilisa. They were spiked with Proverbs from Mingrelia. After Mike, Jason told The Bride among the Pines [of his own composing], Janet told us about Yuri and the Geese of Baba Jaga, Raph told us about the Russian fear of people with ginger hair, and Maddie was overtaken by time.

Here are the Mingrelian proverbs:

Here's The Golden Mountain

Here's Master Misery

Here's The Hare, the Bear, the Peasant and the Fox

Here's The Snow Maiden

And here is Beautiful Vasilisa

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