Saturday, August 12, 2017


You may have seen Cliff before - he's been around a while, as even he will admit! He does the Wickham Festival, he's done The Larmer Tree, he's been at The Art House in Southampton, at The Barge Inn in Honey Street on the Kennet and Avon Canal, London, Reading, Cambridge, Salisbury, and all kinds of places in between.

And now he'll be in Ringwood on August 17th, tellling A Mixed Bag - all kinds of stories from his themed tours of the past few years, together with some that have never made it on to those programmes. There may be Tales of Ra from Egypt, there may be a Red Riding Hood variant, something from the Kalevala, The Padisha's Daughter Who Married a Donkey's Skull, Skeleton Woman...

The only thing predictable is that the stories will be worth listening to!

See and hear him now

Wearing a wide brimmed hat in a sun dappled forest, the Talesman leans in closely

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