Monday, June 21, 2010

Elm Tree - Report

There was an enjoyable and fascinating storytelling session at the Elm Tree last Wednesday to launch the New Forest Storytellers' new venue for their monthly outing.

Regular storytellers were joined by guests to cast their lines around the evening's theme of Tales of the Sea. 

Among the evening's tales were a lively and very funny telling of Jonnah and the Whale by Jill Barr.
Taprisha told a haunting tale about the Silkies, the seal people, or mermaids, who inhabit the waters around Jersey.
Pete Gritton told a very funny story from Finland, the Useless Pirate.
Guest, Mike Rogers, told a lovely version of the King of the Fishes, which he had recently heard told by Taffy Thomas.
I told the Tale of the Stoker's Shovel a home made story of a coal stoker aboard the Titanic.
And Guest, Livia, told a beautiful version of an Inuit story, the Skeleton Woman  ...her bones tumbling around with the ocean's pebbles for generations... until a young fisherman snags them in his line...

One of the attractive things about these get-togethers is the wide variety of storytellers and the their differing techniques and styles. Wednesday evenings stories and storytellers was a fine example of this, lots of laughter, thrills, excitement and some lovely poetic storytelling images, lovingly crafted.

Our next session is on the 21 July 8.00 at the Elm Tree. Tales will come from the Five Corners of the Earth. And what exactly are the Five Corners? I would guess every storyteller will have their own take on that. Why not come along and fine out or join in.

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