Sunday, July 25, 2010

July's Third Wednesday.

It was a great Wednesday evening at the Elm Tree in Ringwood, probably our most successful get-together yet. With storytelling regulars; Taprisha, Madeleine Grantham, Pete Gritton & some fantastic guests; Mike Rogers, Lulu Stevens, Coco P & Mike O'Leary.

I particularly liked Mike O'Leary's story; slipping seamlessly from an anecdotal chat about a local
archaeological burial site into a gripping haunting ghost tale. Also, Coco P, on his first visit to NFST who told a great tale, which introduced us to his family and childhood world of Trinidad. Lulu told a lovely story of the Donkey's Scented Tail & Mike Rogers told of that famous Englishman, Mr Wadyasay.

Don't miss next month's Third Wednesday!

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