Friday, September 17, 2010


Saturday 25th September.
The New Forest Storytellers; Graham Rogers, Madeleine Grantham, Mike O'Leary, Pete Gritton, Taprisha, and guest teller Josh Elwell of 'Wild Wood' will be telling inside the roundhouse, teepee and Old School House and outside in the gardens and magical green acres of the Minstead Study Centre (Map) Tucked away but worth discovering.
the Event is the FIRST NEW FOREST FESTIVAL of story, film, music,food and all of us!!
Great fun for all ages. Groovy crafts and local tall tales for local Youths and Adults, animal stories for kids and traditional tales told around the crafts being demonstrated. A chance to meet people from "the other side of the forest" and spin your own yarns in the tea-gardens or the brewery tent...a get together not to be missed.
Inexpensive too...Kids under 5 FREE, students and seniors £5 and all others £7 . Once through the door everything bar food, drink and the beautiful crafts you buy to take home is FREE.
See you there,
For more about tellers GO HERE

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