Friday, November 21, 2014


Let's do justice to the two tellers we didn't manage to squeeze in: Paul and Raphael came with stories that we didn't have time for!
But Maddie told how Lemminkainen's mother rescued her son from death in dim Tuonela; Laura and Mike told the tale of the Magician's Heart [originally by E. Nesbit]; Amibel told us a tale of Red Hanrahan [originally by W.B. Yeats]; Graham told us a tale of Segovia and Graham's friend, Dennis, the guitarist - and played, too; Jill told us a tale of Buddha and a Hare and the moon; Marie told us the tale of the Skeleton Woman; and Taprisha told us the tale of the ghostly King who had to finish reading the Good Book to achieve salvation, by rushlights that seven brave children held in turn through the night!

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