Wednesday, August 4, 2010

King of Ireland's Son

First collaborative performance from the New Forest Storytellers last night around a fire in the fading twilight at Steamer point Nature Reserve. Excellent hosts, audience and weather, and even a participating dog.  

For those who might have not come across the story before or who were there last night but slipped into the land of dreams due to a superfluity of biscuits & cosiness. Here is a rough outline of the plot:

A king, two queens, two sons, an old man, an enchanter one beautiful daughter, two ugly sisters, the oldest woman in Ireland, another king in the mist, a blacksmith, robbers, a giant and two hags. All of whom have tasks to complete, usually in sets of threes, with the following: a fawn, a red horse, fifty cows, fifty calves, a bear, a hound, a hawk, a faithful steed, a sleight red steed, goats, a swan, a falcon, an eel, a crane and  a wolf. They have to find or use: a sword of light, shoes of swiftness, a crystal egg, a bone ladder, the ring of youth and a bottomless well. After a lot of wondering and wandering hither and thither over ancient Ireland it all ends happily.

Watch this space for next performance of this epic tale.

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